Stabilizing Blood Sugar Levels

Concentrated sugars, as found in many juices, refreshment drinks, and foods, can quickly raise your blood sugar. This stimulates a vigorous release of insulin that can cause your blood sugar to rapidly rise and then fall while creating temporary, but uncomfortable physical or mental symptoms in some people. Sure Beats Sugar is designed with proportionately high fiber to help you enjoy a sweeter experience without the accompanying “sugar shock”. Also the rapid rise and fall of blood sugar can create other kinds of stress such as the formation of more cell damaging free radicals*. SBS has a specialized blend of ingredients and botanical rich antioxidants that can help inhibit the formation of free radical formation from the meals you eat. It’s important to note that fresh fruits and vegetables are the most significant sources of nutrients to help protect our cells from free radical damage and other forms of stress that can come from excessive and long term high blood sugar levels This is another reason why Sure Beats Sugar intentionally models itself after these wonderful foods to better provide you and your family a more healthful, versatile and unique sweetening system.