Sure Beats Sugar an SBS Food Group LLC Company

SBS Food Group LLC recently acquired rights to the intellectual property for Sure Beats Sugar.  The majority of the principals of the company are former Managing Partners of Accenture - the worlds largest consulting firm. The management team is putting to use its extensive consulting and industry background  to ensure that SBS is a product that can make a major difference in the battle against obesity and "early onset diabetes."  This can only be accomplished if the sweetener is clean tasting, low caloric, low glycemic, flexible in use, and actually provides health benefits to the consumer.  SBS is such a sweetener system!

The management team is committed to delivering not only a replacement for the unhealthy calories of sugar and aftertaste of many of the current "natural sweetener alternatives," but a healthy alternative that ensures the products which contain Sure Beats Sugar taste and feel as good as the product when it included sugar -- only it will actually be healthy to consume!

By providing a flexible Sweetener System that can be modified based on the needs of our customers, we are committed to bringing the right ingredient formulation for each type of application.  If you use sugar in your products, or one of the other sweeteners, we hope you will contact us, so we can show you the benefits of Sure Beats Sugar.