SBS Food Group is committed to help address and educate food industry companies and consumers in regards to the spread of diabesity; to provide strategies and proactively healthy and practical ingredient options in reducing the need of having to add excess simple sugars in foods and beverages, whether conventional, natural or organic. Our products are designed to promote health and contribute to a healthier diet and society.  

SBS Food Group sells our proprietary patent pending Sure Beats Sugar (SBS) sweetening system to manufacturers that want to "Produce Quality Foods that are Healthier for your Customers!"

Sure Beats Sugar offers great versatility and health benefits to the consumer that tastes and is used like regular sugar. It is an all-natural, non-GMO, clean tasting, low calorie, low glycemic sweetening system that can be used in cooking, baking, beverages, and freezing commercial formulations.

It is an ideal sweetener for adults, children, or those with special nutritional concerns, such as diabetics or those on weight-management programs. Its ingredients are scientifically noted to help facilitate fat metabolism and enhance energy while sustaining healthy blood-sugar levels.

Sure Beats Sugar's formulation made with all GRAS ingredients, can be customized to meet your specific application needs and as an option, can be listed on your label as a "natural flavor!"

In addition, SBS Food Group sells products that are sweetened by our SBS system.  Currently, we market Yogurt Smoothies to the U.S. Military under our brand name Healthy Dairy(R).  We are proud to have been selected by the U.S. Military as the premiere healthy solution in the Yogurt segment for our military men and women.